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  • Marlyvan Moraes de Alencar

    Marlyvan Moraes de Alencar

    Jornalista e professora.

  • Érico Fileno

    Érico Fileno

    Designer & Educator, +25 years of experience in several companies in the national and international market. Pioneer in Service Design and Interaction Design.

  • Raquel S

    Raquel S

  • Fernando Mendes

    Fernando Mendes

    COWORKLISBOA is for freelancers, nano companies and yes, you too. Getting fat and lazy @ home? Come, we're at LX Factory in Lisbon.

  • Katia Fernanda

    Katia Fernanda

  • Paula Hernández A&E

    Paula Hernández A&E

  • Zoy Anastassakis

    Zoy Anastassakis

    Designer & Anthropologist. Associate Professor (Superior School of Industrial Design, State University of Rio de Janeiro). Associated Researcher (CRIA, Lisbon).

  • Wendel Anthuny

    Wendel Anthuny

    Designer etc. Derrubando coisas, estudando tendências, tomando café e exportando artboards. ✨🤙🏾 wendelzin.com

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